Rain Coast Café is Permanently Closed


If you have inadvertentantly arrived here looking for information about the Rain Coast Café, we are sorry to inform you that it is permanently closed. In 2011 there was a bistro called the Spotted Bear at it's location.
Content is from the site's 2007 archived pages.


Rain Coast Café
120 Fourth Street
Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC
Phone: 250-725-2215

RainCoast Cafe has been serving discerning palletts satisfying fare since 1997. With an inovative menu, featuring the vibrant flavours of the Pacific Rim, RainCoast Cafe focuses on fresh regional ingredients and seafood from sustainable sources.

RainCoast Café
open for dinner from 5:30p.m.


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Elegant, simple and seasonally devoted: the RainCoast Café is as unobtrusive as it is treasured by locals and tourists alike. When Chef Lisa Henderson and Larry Nicolay first opened the doors in 1997, neither anticipated the success that followed.

Now in its tenth year, RainCoast Café continues to follow the changing season as ardently as ever, serving up surf and turf as fresh as the fields and waters that surround Tofino. Early proponents of the Endangered Fish Alliance and OceanWise before their time, Henderson and Nicolay make sustainability both delicious and intimate with the menu shifting to accommodate fresh inspiration regularly.

An Asian influence presides over many of the dishes, as does a relentless creativity that Chef Henderson inspires in her tightly numbered crew. Showcasing the bounty of the Pacific Rim while adhering to conscious sourcing, RainCoast Café has been richly received by locals and tourists alike for both its intentions and delicious innovations.

Winning Tastes: Cold Smoked Salmon on wonton crisps, Wild Chinook Salmon with maple/miso/wasabi glaze, Fresh Pacific Halibut with a sake, mango, lime sauce, Pad Thai, Local Spot Prawns sautéed with plum wine and ginger.

Breakfast: No
Lunch: No
Dinner: No
Average Cost (Per Person): $$
$ = Less than $20 $$ = Between $21-$40 $$$ = More than $40
Wheelchair Accessible: No